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What Clients Say

"There is no doubt about it: Maor is an amazing hair designer. We had an instant understanding between us and an immediate match – I didn't have much to explain because he understood me very quickly. He came to my home and gave his best efforts. The hair designed turned out stunning and matched all of my expectations. The design didn't move even one tenth of an inch, despite the strong sea breeze during my wedding. Maor is also charming and I felt great in his company. I strongly recommend Maor."

Tami, Tel Aviv, Sept. 2009 [E-mail]

"Maor was recommended to me by my wedding dress designer. From the first phone call he was very nice and we set up an appointment. Maor displayed very much knowledge and expertise when he explained to me what would fit me personally and what wouldn't. The chemistry was amazing, as he "read" my mind and knew what I would love and what design would look best on me. Needless to say, two minutes after he designed my hair I already closed the deal with him. It was "Love at first sight." During my wedding day he knew to estimate and fit the timetable perfectly. He invested himself completely and worked on my design to perfection. I trusted him so much I went to the makeup artist he recommended, and their combined work looked incredible! So much so that even the photographers that came to the hair salon said it was gorgeous. The hair design remained amazingly comfortable. Maor – Thank you so much!"

Nilit, Ashdod, Sept. 2008 [E-mail]

"Highly recommended. It all started with a successful sample hair design. Maor recommended several hair designs that will suit me well, and commented on such that wouldn’t. It continued with very much professionalism to the very day of the wedding, and during the wedding day. Maor is very professional. He meets deadlines, keeps his promises, is polite and trustworthy. I got a lot of compliments from the moment my fiancée came to pick me up, all the way up to the end of the evening, and more important, a long time after the wedding. Maor also became my regular hair designer, even though it requires a ride to Bugrashov… I suggest you do not hesitate even a moment – call and make the appointment."

Ariela & Yair, Petah Tikva, June 2007 [E-mail]

"Dear brides, I must point out that Maor did an amazing hair design for me. Every guest was impressed with the hair design at the wedding, and even the photographers flattered my hair design and couldn’t stop photographing it from every angle. Beyond being an amazing hair design, it was also unique, I haven’t seen a similar hair design anywhere, and of course it remained steady during the entire evening. In short, Maor is a talented hair designer, original and most important of all, he’s nice, gentle and it’s fun to be at his studio. Maor, thank you for the amazing hair design, you’ve done a wonderful job."

Maria, Beer Shevan, March 2007 [E-mail]

"Maor is pure genius, a real artist and has a talent that is very hard to find in Israel."

Rachel, Hertzelia, Sept. 2006 [E-mail]

"The hair design Maor did for my wedding was exactly what I wanted, designed on the one hand but with a natural look and matching my personality on the other hand. The hair design helt during all the long hours of the wedding and received many compliments. Maor’s personal attention during the day of the wedding definitely enhanced the experience. I strongly recommend Maor."

Yael Liberman, Tel Aviv, June 2006 [E-mail]

"Maor did a great job for me and my mother. The hair design for the wedding was exactly what I wanted and even more! I am pleased with the cut and color shades in my hair visible to this very day. Both me and my mom continue to visit Maor for colors and hair designs because he is simply a expert and is fun to work with!"

Iris, Kfar Daniel, May 2006 [E-mail]

"Simply great. Professional, trustworthy, real, fun, gives his all, he will not let it be until he’s really pleased with the hair design, and he’s such a perfectionist that there’s no chance you will not be satisfied, from the first moment he will see you he will know exactly how you want to look… Bottom line – this man is simply an artist, and I strongly recommend him… Enjoy your wedding."

Hagar, Tel Aviv, Sept. 2005 [E-mail]

"I also reached Maor through the "Mitchatnim" website, and I was very happy with my choice!!! Maor is amazing and talented and with a lot of experience. He did my hair design such that it really flattered me and matched my dress. I got a lot of compliments on the day after the wedding. Maor is very warmly recommended to any woman that wants to look beautiful on her special day."

Meital, Tel Aviv, Sept. 2005 [E-mail]

"Maor is a man dedicated to his work, such that I've never met in my life. On the morning of my wedding Maor came to my parents' house after he was hospitalized a day earlier due to sickness. But his great desire to make me happy on my wedding day overcame all. The hair design Maor did for me was simple and incredibly beautiful, and matched my dress perfectly. I enjoyed the fact that Maor came to my parents' house and I didn't have to run from place to place on the most exciting day of my life. Thank you Maor, -Efrat."

Efrat Shaked, Tel Aviv, June 2005 [E-mail]

"I went to see several hair designers and even did a sample hair design with one, and I came out crying. He didn't do anything and I just tossed 200NIS for nothing. I couldn't even try to imagine what will be. Then I reached Maor!!! Maor sat with me for an hour and showed me some hair designs, and recommended such that fit my face. The end result was amazing. Besides Maor is very nice, he comes all the way to you and it's fun to hang out with him on your wedding day."

Yael, Tel Aviv, June 2005 [E-mail]

"I came to Maor following a recommendation of a friend and I wasn't disappointed… During the time I grew my hair very long, and Maor made it look its best without a hair cut or additional hair attachments. Besides expertise and a hair design that received a lot of compliments during the entire evening and afterwards as well, it was very pleasant to pass the time before the wedding with Maor. Also, everything I asked, including changing the type of hair pins two days before the wedding, was done and with pleasure and a smile. So Maor, thank you so much, for a beautiful hair design and for the pleasant company. –Maya."

Maya Palkov, Giv'ataim, Feb. 2005 [E-mail]

"I owe a huge thanks, first to Erez that made sure I came to you, and of course – to you, Maor… For the smile, the pleasant atmosphere and the talks during the process, for the creativity, the love for the art and the results… You are the proof that expertise and modesty can go together. Thank you!"

Nirit, Giv'ataim, Sept. 2004 [E-mail]

"Maor! The artist, the man, and the legend. An artist – because of an amazing hair design, that didn't stop getting compliments from the beginning till the end. A man – because of the laughter, the fun, the warmth, the happiness and the full-heartedness every time we met. The legend – because there are none like him. Maor, many thanks, I am the happiest woman in the world for choosing you to take care of me during this evening. -Gali"

Gali, Tel Aviv, Dec. 2004 [E-mail]

"Maor is an expert and he's creative. The hair design got endless compliments. Thank you so much for the excellent work, the patience, and meeting the timetable on the wedding day. I wish you a lot of success and ample work in the future. –Ayelet."

Ayelet, Ramat-Gan, Sept. 2004 [E-mail]

"Maor, thank you for making me look amazing on my wedding day. The color, the shades, and the design of the hair matched my look perfectly and it's all due to your amazing talent and ability to understand the character and the needs of your brides, you are truly a perfect 10. Thank you for everything, you're a champion."

Yamit, Petah-Tikva, August 2004 [E-mail]

"Maor was my hair designer on my greatest day, on my wedding day. During this day I was stressed, overloaded with things to do, and Maor, with his optimism and happiness, calmed me down and treated me like a queen. With quickness of hand and fast thinking, Maor did a makeover and created amazing results. From the short hair I had, he created a beautiful hair design, with special hair additions, a classic hair design that really matched the wedding dress, and it looked very natural, so much that anyone that saw me thought that I grew my hair long. I received so many compliments, and this is the first thing that people saw, even before they noticed the dress. I warmly recommend Maor!!! His talent, his flow, it's fun to talk to him, and his ability to match any style, those are the things that truly make the difference. I suggest to anyone who is about to be married, you must try Maor, he's the greatest!!! Thank you Maor, for making me so complete with the "crown" on my head."

Lilah Sofer, Giv'ataim, August 2002 [E-mail]

"Maori, you were amazing, great, wonderful, you treated me well and you hit the mark. You designed my hair so that it matches both my character, my general looks, and my dress. A perfect harmony between the hair design and the rest of my clothes and makeup. Thank you so very much. I strongly recommend. Yours, Yifat."

Yifat, Ramat Gan, August 2004 [E-mail]

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